House for sale in the heart of Provence .... and the latest happenings.

The end of another chapter for me...turning the page and awaiting, with great anticipation and a little trepidation, the next chapter.  When, where and what will that chapter reveal?!?!


For those of you who've been with me for the past 20 years of purchases, rentals, restoration, sales, sipping, tasting and munching my way around France...adventures and discoveries....are what life is all about and long may it last!


Le Rosier, my beloved village house in L'Isle sur la Sorgue has been sold, as have The Loft and La Niche, the studio apartments.  Over the past few weeks I've farewelled my little yellow and red 2CV car which kept me smiling and happily chugging along the back roads (and sometimes the autoroute!) throughout France. The following day...what an emotional weekend that was...I shed a tear as my beautiful carved wooden Roulotte (Gypsy Caravan) was hauled from my garden, loaded onto a flatbed and driven off into the distance.  What great fun I and many friends had sleeping in the 'spare room'.  It now resides near Buoux I believe and is being used as a spare bedroom at a rental house.  5-star "Glamping"!!


FOR own home.  Situated 2kms outside my beloved town of L'Isle sur la Sorgue on 2800m2 of 'garrigue' ... bushland covered in centuries old oak trees, wild olive trees, rosemary that seems to spring up everywhere and whild thyme that is SO aromatic when it's walked on...despite trying not can't help but tread on it just for that sensorial excitement!


The house is situated on the road up to Saumane which is a little, emphasis on little as there's nothing there except a terrific Bistro and the Mayors office!  An old chateau and walking paths through the hills, some of the best in the area.  Almost the best of both worlds....the fun and buzz of L'Isle sur la Sorgue on one side and the calm and tranquility of Saumane on the other.  


The house is approximately 170m2 with several terraces which covered with roof or 'sail'.  I've totally restored the inside ... can't help myself I know!  The perfect example of getting carried away but when it's for your own comfort and lifestyle....I'm not the first nor the last to indulge!


I've created three bedrooms, each with their own ensuite shower room (one has shower over bath, the other two are walk in showers).  There is an additional w.c. for dinner guests.  


The heart of the house....well, there are several!  Kitchen, dining and what I call the 'winter salon' are all open plan so there's light, life and interaction.  When I get carried away in the kitchen, as is my other 'folly', I love to be creating but still part of the fun and laughter happening around the dining table.


There is, of course, an additional 'salon' which is terrific all year, houses the 'zinc', the French slang for 'bar' and is surrounded by double glazed windows so the views over the garden and down to the town are superb.  The sunsets are stunning then the twinkling lights of L'Isle sur la Sorgue are a bonus.  


The two guest bedrooms open onto this if one has house guests or Bed & Breakfast guests, they have privacy, space and somewhere to sit, read, sip, meditate...plan the next days get the idea...there's plenty of comfort for everyone!


The main bedroom ("master" bedroom isn't correct these days is it!!!) is huge with shower, wc, walk-in wardrobe and superb views down over the valley to the village lights below.  


Off the kitchen there is a sunroom I use as my office and sewing room, it's where Rouki the dog sleeps...well, sometimes, I usually wake to his snores and realise he's crept into my bedroom and lies curled up on the rug beside the bed!  


Beside my office/sunroom, is a back kitchen...given how much cooking I do it's been a boon.  Just an extra sink, fridge, workbench and wine storage foor the plethora of crockery and pieces I seem to gather at the flee markets ... an addiction since childhood!  


I'm sure I've forgotten the garage and garden shed, but given the length of this property description...I'm sure you've had eough!!


I'll add some photographs.  Give me a call or send an email if you are interested.  


Phone:  +33 614601483



I shall return in a day or two with news of what is happening and what I've recently discovered for your list of "where to go and what to do" on your next visit.


It's terrific keeping in touch with everyone.  Last week MaryEllen and Nancy, two special ladies who'd rented Le Rosier in the past, were in town and we shared a chilled glass and much chatter.  Thanks girls, it was lovely to see you both.







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